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My Walking Best Diet Pedometer

Developer: Neodroids

『My Walking』 is a very accurate record of the number you walk.Press the ▶ button, simply hold your smartphone.
Automatically suspend the measures when there is no movement,
When motion is detected automatically measures the number of steps.
【Key Features】
✔ The exact number of measurements walk.
✔ Distance, calories burned, travel time, travel speed display.
✔ User location weather information (temperature, precipitation) offer.
✔ Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset time offer.
✔ Sensors based on temperature, humidity, and altitude information provided.
✔ Heart rate measurement functions based on the camera.
✔ Date, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly graphs.
✔ See in the graph by date of the map display based on the path.
✔ Metric, Imperial uint support.
✔ Setting goals can walk and notification features.
✔ Step can be repeated notifications.
✔ Widget support.
✔ Once a day (6 pm) exercise summary notifications.